August - Stolen miniatures

Please note the miniatures showing here have just been stolen from Liberty Hall in Frankfort, Kentucky, as shown in the advice below. Can I please urge the thief to return them undamaged. [In passing, the man looks as if he is painted by Walter Robertson (1750-1802). The initials on the lady are PH, which is for Pierre Henri (c1760-1822). ] Also see Mini portraits taken from Liberty Hall

Hello! My name is Beth Caffery, and I am the Curator of Collections of Liberty Hall Historic Site in Frankfort, Kentucky. Our site consists of two historic homes: Liberty Hall (1796) built by John Brown, one of Kentucky's first United States Senators, and the Orlando Brown House (1835), owned by Senator Brown's second son.

This weekend, two of our miniature portraits from Liberty Hall were stolen. Several museum professionals referenced you for your knowledge of portrait miniatures and suggested that I contact you with information regarding our missing miniatures. It is hard to guess where our miniatures have gone, but I would like to share details about our miniatures with you in case you are contacted about these pieces or happen to see them.

Miniature portrait of John Brown in a black coat and white ruffled shirt. Painted on ivory and framed in brass. Dimensions: 1.5” x 2.5”. Date: C.1800

Miniature portrait of Margaretta Brown in an empire waist dress with a dark blue sash. Painted on ivory and framed in brass. Signed: PH 1800 in lower right. Dimensions: 2” x 3”. Date: C.1800.

Thank you for your time!


Beth Caffery

Beth Ann Caffery
Curator of Collections
Liberty Hall Historic Site
202 Wilkinson Street
Frankfort, KY 40601

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  1. Dear Beth,
    The absolute best of luck in finding these. I am going to guess that you will get them back!

    Carter Lively
    Executive Director
    Hammond-Harwood House
    Annapolis, Maryland