October - The Real Mr Frankenstein now published!

This is advice for anyone interested, that the investigative biography of Sir Anthony Carlisle is now complete and available to anyone who wishes to buy a ebook version in .pdf format. It is 457 pages and 290,000 words, with over 200 illustrations. I have priced it at £9.99 [GBP9.99] which I hope seems reasonable. That equates to several cups of coffee, or a bottle of wine, and so is much cheaper than a printed version with that many illustrations would be. The download can be purchased at The Real Mr Frankenstein

Two academic journals have now accepted from me, papers relating to different aspects of the book, and with luck they will both be published before Christmas 2009. One is a literary journal and the other is a medical journal.

I hope the downloads work OK, but at let me know if there are any issues. The file is 11MB, so depending upon Internet connection speeds, may take a few minutes to download. It has been a major project, but fascinating and I am a little sad to have concluded it! It will now be interesting to see how it is received. As the book is self edited, there may be a few editing errors still remaining, so apologies in advance for them!

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