July - Expanded research on recent additions

A while ago I commented briefly on several new additions. They have now been added into their galleries with expanded comments. Click on the links to see more. The American ones include;

Malbone, Edward Greene - portrait of a lady

Sully, Lawrence - portrait of a young lady

Vallee - Portrait of a Young Man

Quinton - Portrait of a Young Lady

Staigg, Richard Morrell - portrait of a young lady

Pamelia Hill - portrait of a man

Exceptionally well painted is a French miniature from around 1900-1910. It is interesting to see how the artist has painted the reverse to improve the tonal qualities.
Bellet E - portrait of a lady

Follow this link to learn more about this following miniature,
Mee, Anne - portrait of Lady Carteret
It is another purchase of an identified sitter, where the resultant research has led to interesting aspects of history, even providing a link between Princess Charlotte of Wales and Princess Caraboo. It was a bargain buy, as it was not until it arrived that it became clear it was by Anne Mee (1775-1851), who is highly prized as one of the few early female miniaturists.

There were many female miniature painters in the late 19C and early 20C, but there were few in the early 19C. One who was popular at that time was Anne Mee, who was commissioned to paint miniature portraits by many of the aristocracy.

Née Anne Foldstone, she was the daughter of John Foldstone, a copyist of pictures, who died while quite young. Anne was educated at a French Lady’s school in London and had artistic gifts as a musician, poetess and painter. She was a protégée and pupil of Romney and is said to have supported her mother and eight brothers and sisters at a early age. She obtained the patronage of George IV (when Prince of Wales) and was working at Windsor Castle in 1790 and 1791. By 1804, Joseph Farrington recorded that she was asking as much as 40 guineas for a miniature.

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