September - Six additions to the collection

Continuing on from the wide variety of acquisitions in recent months, there are a number of interesting miniature portrait additions to the collection.

One French, two British, and three American, and covering the period of 1825-1925.

The French one is by a previously unrecorded artist J Massard and is dated 1822, see View

A special addition is a charming miniature of three children by the American artist Nathaniel Rogers, see View This seems to be the only known miniature portrait by him depicting three sitters together.

There is a miniature by a previously unrecorded American artist Edgar Dennis of the mid 19C, which is possibly a self-portrait, see View

The two British miniatures are a tiny portrait in enamel of a dog titled "Impudence" by William Essex, which joins with a miniature of the same subject by William Bishop Ford acquired several months ago, see View

A 20C portrait of a man by A Birnbon, joins with another portrait bythis artist, of a young man which was acquired several years ago, see View

Also interesting is a rare portrait of King Edward VIII by Grace Rosher. Particularly unusual about this is that the reverse of the miniature is signed "Edward P" a favour granted to the artist by Edward when he was Prince of Wales, see View

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