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Cracked miniatures
Many collectors are reluctant to acquire cracked miniatures because it is expensive to achieve an invisible repair. That is understandable if perfection is one's objective, but if instead one is interested in history, condition is not quite as important. Except for rare instances, only one version of a miniature exists and thus if an opportunity is passed up to acquire a damaged miniature, the opportunity is lost for ever. Obviously, damaged miniatures cost less and thus, the fun of historical research can be enjoyed and shared without great expense. For more about the history of this cracked miniature portrait see;

Unknown - portrait of Phebe Debevoise Ryerson

This recent acquisition is a most unusual miniature portrait bracelet of an older lady. It is painted in enamel on porcelain, which was an uncommon technique, especially in the mid 19C.

For more about it see;
Unknown - bracelet portrait of lady

There are two other miniature portrait bracelets in the collection, both with wrist bands made of human hair see;
Unknown - portrait of Christopher Wren
Unknown - portrait of lady in hair bracelet

I noticed that Peggy McClard has posted some helpful information on American miniature painters who painted in a more primitive style at  

Also that Joan M Brownstein has listed a number of articles on American folk art portraiture and miniatures at

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