October - Three additions to the collection

Russell, Moses Baker - portrait of Josiah Quincy III

The previous owner of this American miniature portrait believed it to be of Josiah Quincy III (1772-1864), the second Mayor of Boston, prior to that a U.S. Representative for Boston in the U.S. Congress and later President of Harvard University, with Quincy Market being named after him.

It is an exceptionally fine character portrait by Moses B Russell (1809-1884). Russell worked in Boston for more than fifty years as a portraitist in both oils and miniatures. In 1839 he married Clarissa Peters, who has since become famous as the miniaturist Mrs M B Russell. For more about the miniature see View  where there are also other examples of miniatures by M B Russell.

Unknown French Soldier with Decorations
This miniature portrait is of an unknown soldier. His name is unknown. The portrait is signed and dated 1915, but the signature is illegible. It appears to read something like "Augesety 1915", but I cannot find a similar name in Blattel. Any suggestions as to the name would be welcome.

I think he is French by the colour of his uniform. As he appears to have no rank badges, presumably he was only a private. If so, he is well decorated for a private. For more, see
Unknown - Decorated French soldier, 1915

Wax Miniature attributed to Curiger
This is a wax miniature portrait from around 1815-1820. It is unsigned and the sitter is unknown.

The portrait is well modelled and is very similar to portraits by members of the Curiger family of Switzerland. Their work is normally on a slate background, whereas this one is on paper. The family was very well known in the late 18C and early 19C, and there were seven of them who modelled in wax.

For more, see
Curiger - wax portrait of a man

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